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Hotcom's access number: 013 77 0130




Q: Can I use Hotcom's service without registration?

Our service cannot be used without registration. Every registered telephone number has its own call account which cannot be used from other telephone numbers. If you want to call from several telephone numbers, register each separate number and load the desirable balance amount.

Q: When calling to the access number 013770130 I hear the following recorded voice message: "please enter PIN number followed by the pound sign". Why?

The reason is probably one of the following:

  1. Your telephone number has not been registered to our service.
    Solution: register your telephone number and load balance to make calls.

  2. The balance of your call account is zero.
    Solution: load balance to make calls.

  3. Your telephone subscription does not send your telephone number.
    Solution: turn caller's ID blocking setting off on your mobile phone's call settings or call in the following way to our access number
    *31#013770130 ( *31# code works just in mobile phones )

  4. If you are using a prepaid mobile phone subscription your prepaid balance could be zero.
    Solution: Check your prepaid balance and load balance if needed.

Q: How can I load balance to make calls?

You can load balance by choosing from different amounts with the online payment buttons of Finnish banks, credit cards, debit cards and Visa Electron. The card must be approved for online use. Card payments are made on Nets website and card information is not saved to Hotcom's system. Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode authorization services are also supported. The following amounts are available: 3, 10, 20, 50 or 100. The loaded sum is in your use immediately after a successful payment.

Q: Is there any balance or account expiration date?

There is no expiration date for paid balance if the call account is in active use. Hotcom reserves rights to delete the call account from the service without prior notice, including possible balance left, if no connected international calls made within last twelve(12) months.

Q: How do I call abroad?

Please choose one of the following ways to call.

  1. Call by using the whole phone number
    Call to the access number 013770130.
    Dial country code + area code + subscriber's number and then press the number sign button (#).
    Leave the national zero away from its beginning. For example 44(0)201234567#.
    NOTE! DO NOT ADD either two zeros (00) or the plus sign (+) before the country code. DO NOT PRESS green "call" button of your mobile phone after you have dialled the destination number. Use just #-button.
    For example
    - you call UK: 44201234567#
    - you call USA: 13051234567#
    - you call Russia: 74951234567#

  2. Call by using the speed dial numbers
    If you have registered speed dial numbers call to the access number 013770130, choose the desirable speed dial number and then press the number sign button (#).

    For example you have registered the speed dial number 1 = 44201234567.
    Then after choosing the character combination 1# the call connects to the number 44201234567.
    Note! After choosing the speed dial number do not press the green "call" button of your mobile phone.

  3. Call by using the numbers saved in your mobile phone address book
    You can also save desired numbers with necessary character commands in your mobile phone address book.
    Then the whole calling process is fully automatic.

    Save the phone numbers in your mobile phone address book by the following way:
    Access number + pp + foreign target number + #
    For example:
    Peter 013770130pp44201234567#
    Jane 013770130pp13051234567#
    Julia 013770130pp74951234567#

    Above-mentioned letter p ( pause ) you are able to choose easily doing the following.
    Nokia ( Old phones ) : press three times the asterisk alias "star button" (*) until the letter p appears on the screen.
    Samsung, Motorola or SonyEricsson ( Old phones ): press the asterisk alias "star button" (*) until the letter p appears on the screen.
    Siemens or Panasonic ( Old phones ): press the zero (0) until the letter p appears on the screen.
    LG ( Old phones ): press the number sign button (#) until the letter p appears on the screen.
    Android phone: Use comma " , " instead of " p " .
    IPhone: Tap the +*# key at the lower left and you will see pause key instead of "0"
    Windows/Lumia phone: Use comma " , " instead of " p " .

Q: What is the total price of the call?

Hotcom charges the international call from your call account in real time. Unlike many other operators we charge your call based on its real duration, exact second. The charging of the international call will begin when your call connects to the desirable target number.

The call to the access number 013770130 is charged by your subscription operator. Our number is the normal priced number of the fixed-line network. Our number is not an extra chargeable service number or a corporate number. When one calls from the mobile phone, the price of the call is a mobile call charge which is the same as for calling any regular fixed phone number in Finland. The minute packages of mobile operators include the calls to our access number, if the package includes calls to Finnish fixed-line networks and you do not exceed minute limit of the package .

When calling from the fixed line number, the charge of the call is performed as follows:

Local network charge (pvm) + domestic long-distance call charge.
Instead of fixed-line subscription Hotcom recommends to use cheap mobile subscription.

NOTE! Your operator charges the period you have been connected to the number 013770130 - including an international call duration.

Q: How do I check the balance of my call account and the calls made by me?

You will hear your balance immediately after having a call to the access number 013770130. You can also check the balance by logging into your call account where you see from the last two months the calls made by you and from the last three months the online payments performed by you.

Q: What are the speed dial numbers and how do you use them?

The speed dial numbers are short numbers with the help of which you dial faster, more easily and avoid the possible dialing errors. Every speed dial number represents a foreign telephone number. You can register 1-9 speed dial numbers.

Q: How can I change the telephone number I registered into Hotcom's service?

You can change your phone number by log in your call account. The balance and the speed dial numbers remain unchanged.

Q: By using this service can I call Finnish mobile subscriptions?

Service can be used to call only the foreign subscriptions. The calls to the Finnish mobile subscriptions are not possible.




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